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. with us today, jon meacham, presidential historian and author of "thomas jefferson: the art of power," michael beschloss, presidential historian, annette gordon-reed, author of "the hemingses of monticello," and jodi kantor, "new york times" writer. as president obama looks to his special terms, historians look at his past with great decisions and great achievements. the president met with several historians during his first term to get their vials. in fact, jodi kantor has written about those sessions between the president and the historians. how does history judge most presidents? george washington and f.d.r. in the top three and lincoln is number one, and fourth, thomas jefferson. i'm so impressed that you got to write the book. what gives thomas jefferson, the author of the declaration of independence, the right to be up there with the top three? del there are three things. one, he doubled the size of the country with the louisiana purchase, seizing a moment that might have slipped away. napoleon rethought this real estate deal and jefferson moved more quickly, got it done. i thi
is called "thomas jefferson: the art of power." please welcome back to the program jon meacham. sir, come on out here! who's better than us? sit. >> well, i could start. >> jon: i know, many people. jon meacham, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> jon: "thomas jefferson: the art of power." look at that. look at that picture. that was a good-looking dude. >> he was a good-looking dude. >> jon: you wrote he provided over the country during a time of deep partisan divide and real antagonism in this country. has there ever been a present who hasn't presided -- >> no, james monroe. >> jon: really? >> there was an era of good feelings. federalism -- one of the achievements of jefferson is his republicanism really drove federalists mad, which is not also -- which is also initially an analogy right now. >> jon: well, let's define republicanism and federalism as they go. >> republicanism was the voice of the many over the few. and federalists were sort of proto british, much more -- >> jon: elitist? >> authoritarian, elitist. it was based in new england and in south carolina. which has always
examines thomas jefferson's relationships slavery. he reports the thomas jefferson sought financial gain through the ownership and labor of his slaves, but america's third president called silent profits. the underutilized recent archaeological findings at jefferson's estate, monticello, and jefferson's papers in his research. this is just over an hour. >> our guest speaker this afternoon is henry when seco will be talking about his book, must -- master of the mountain, thomas jefferson and his life's. it is a subject which the thomas jefferson foundation has been a pioneer in researching and presenting, thinks lawyers the to the work of stanton who has collected essays which were published earlier this year by the university of virginia press they are entitled, labor to my happiness, slavery and thomas jefferson's monticello. regarded an authority on the subject. her book was released to coincide with an exhibit on slavery in monticello and the smithsonian national museum of african american history, which was co curated by the staff of the thomas jefferson foundation. seventy of the de
henry wiencek examines thomas jefferson's relationship to slavery. he thought financial gain when the americans third president called fat profits for the author utilized ideological findings at jefferson state monticello and jefferson's papers in his research. this is just over an hour. >> i will speak this afternoon is henry wiencek will be talking about his book, "master of the mountain: thomas jefferson and his slaves." it is a subject, which the thomas jefferson foundation has been a pioneer in researching and present a largely the collected essays published earlier this year by the university of virginia press. they're entitled by virtue my happiness, slavery of thomas jefferson's monticello is regarded as an authority on the subject. the book was released to coincide with an exhibit on slavery of monticello in the smithsonian national museum of african american history which is co-curated by the staff of the thomas jefferson foundation. 70 of the descendents of those commemorated attended the opening night. after 50 years of archaeological and historical research, thomas je
on how this negotiation will play out right after the break. plus what would thomas jefferson do with the fiscal cliff? funny you should and s author john meechum's new biography on the founder father sheds new light on the man and his method and he, john meechum will join us in the war room. and later mitt romney finally got into the white house don't worry, though it was just for a bowl of chili. it's thursday night and we are just getting started stick around. >> jennifer: welcome back inside "the war room." i am jennifer granholm. so the election is long over but the vote counting is is not. and as it stands today the president leads by four and a half million votes. and they haven't even finished counting big big blue california. so does that give him a mandate? i would say so. here to help us breakdown how much of his economic plan he can actually get passed, because of that overwhelming margin of victory, is laura tyson she serves on the president's jobs council, she's the former chair of the your honor counc
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. "hardball," the place for politics. >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. >>> we're back. it's a resume no one can hold a candle to, drafter of the declaration of independence, founder of the university of virginia, secretary of state, vice president, president of the united states, thomas jefferson. through all his virtues and faults holds a special place in americans' heart and the subject of a terrific new biography "thomas jefferson" by pulitzer prize winning author, jon meacham. my hero for many years. it seems to me a wonderful biographer like for you to bring to the front of the stage again, someone we haven't thought of for a while and should, why should we given we're in the age of barack obama? >> because jefferson was a tall, cool cerebral politician
jefferson library in falls church. >> thomas jefferson library is a place of quiet refuge and enlightenment. it is the last place you would expect of violence to unfold. >> i have never seen anything like that happening around here. >> a female told police she thought a man was following her so she ducked into the bathroom. he followed and refused to leave and then touched and pushed the woman. he fled after she kicked and screamed at. >> that is scary. i come to the library every day. >> it is really surprising. sometimes you see some strange people. the fact he went that far is scary. >> walking to my car sometimes it gets creepy. especially at night. it gets empty. >> the suspect has been described as an african-american male five a day, 170 pounds. distinctive features on his face. one is a diagonal scar on his forehead. he has a gap in his teeth and a shaven head. >> 4:51 on thursday morning. chilly once again. >> find out why germaine jackson wants to change his famous last name. >> learn which star is no >> it is 4:54. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras again. >> because we have had
book. it's the subject which the thomas jefferson foundation has been a pioneer in researching and presenting largely to the work of senator stanton who collected essays were published earlier this year by the university of virginia press. they're entitled those labor to -- [inaudible] slavery the thomas jefferson's. the regard is an authority on the subject. the book was released to coincide with an exhibit on slavery at month cello in the smithsonian museum of african-american history which was cocure rated by the thomas jefferson foundation. many attended opening night. after fifty years of historical research, the thomas jefferson foundation is now in the next phase of interpretation and restoration project fund bid the national endowment to the humanitarian and private support. it's called the landscape and slavery. which includes the creation of many exhibits and key sites and a website and computer animations. of the people held in slavery at month cello. images of only seven men and women survived. all of the name press served. nevertheless, for many years the human dim
" editor evan thomas is the author of "ike's bluff." and jon meacham's new book is "thomas jefferson: the art of power." for fun, we'll explore the darker side of fiction with gillian flynn, author of the big bestseller, "gone girl." mystery writer david baldacci, whose new one is forgotten. david baldacci, author of "the expats," and then there is alex stone, whose "fooling houdini" tells how he chose magic over physics, and, yes, he fooled us and he'll fool you, too. how did you do that? we were all about books this morning, just like another washington shopper this weekend. >> we're going to get those. >> okay. >> schieffer: because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. well, just hours after helping negotiate the cease-fire between the israelis and hamas, egyptian president mohamed morsi declared more power for himself and said he was immune to judicial oversight. that has set off violent protests between morsi's muslim brotherhood, and the opposition parties.
prize winning author jon meacham on his biography of thomas jefferson. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios >>> in his new biography thomas jefferson the art of power jon meacham profiles a president that provided over a hyper partisan nation divided over the role and size of the federal government. sound familiar? joining me prize winning historian jon meacham. how do you do it? you just finished jackson it seems.
a frightening ordeal. >> she was attacked in the bathroom of the thomas jefferson library in falls church. jay korff is live at the library with part of the story. >> really a disturbing encounter. this young woman said she thought that somebody was watching her and followed her as she was studying here at the library and falls church. when she left at about 9:00, she decided to duck into the bathroom. the man followed her. thomas jefferson library in falls church is a place of quiet refuge and it like mad, about the last place that you would expect violence to one fold. >> i have never seen anything that happen. at a 17-year-old female said she had felt a man had been watching and following her, so she ducked into the bathroom. the police say he followed, refused to leave, then touched and pushed the young woman. he fled after she kicked and screamed. >> that is really scary. i come to the library almost every day. >> this woman is troubled by the brazen nature of the attack. and it is really surprising. sometimes you see strange people, but the fact it went that far is scary. >> watching fro
for your future. ♪ >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, republicans approve 9-1, again how good policy makes pretty good politics. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] introducing the new dell xps 12. part of a whole new line of tablets from dell. it's changing the conversation. ♪ and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but with mr. clean's new select-a-size magic eraser, he can take on any size job. at least we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. what are you, scared? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic erase
second term. jon meacham and robert caro talk about their subjects, thomas jefferson, lyndon johnson, and a bit about barack obama as well. >>> then the conflict in gaza yet again reminds us forget about globalization and information revolution. if you want to understand the world, look at geography. nations are still bound by it, says robert kaplan, who uses maps to show us what to worry about. you won't want to miss this. >>> and the middle class is rising. no, not here in the united states, but right next door in latin america, and it will have huge consequences for the western hemisphere and the world. >>> also, if you thought black friday was crazy, check out the sales in europe. i'll explain. but first here's my take. >>> it's thanksgiving weekend, america. time to reflect on our good fortune. it's also a time that most americans think about the unusual origins of the united states, a land of immigrants. we see o ourselves as special in this way, and we are, except that we're not quite as exceptional as we think anymore. something fascinating has happened over the last two deca
is called "thomas jefferson: the art of power," which we'll talk about a little later in the show. it's really good. >> yeah. i started reading it this weekend. very exciting. >> thank you. >> no, it is exciting. i think people are going to see a side to jefferson they haven't seen. >> he was a politician. first and foremost. >> he was. >> and it's fun being in your review. >> yes. >> my father was amused by that. >> mika got as much ink as i did. >> the review was 12 pages long. >> longer than the book. >> good god. joining us from washington, former republican presidential candidate and former governor of utah, jon huntsman. good to have you back in the conversation this morning, sir. >> mika, a pleasure to be here. thanks for having me. >> very nice. start with the news? >> sure. >> we're going to begin this hour with david petraeus, general david petraeus in his sudden and unexpected resignation as director of the central intelligence agency on friday, citing an extramarital affair. this morning's "new york times" say high-up fbi officials were notified this summer that agents had
was preparing to close the thomas jefferson library in falls church. a 17-year-old says she noticed a man watching her as she studied. on her way out of the library, she told police the man followed her. she ducked into the bathroom. >> he grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she creamed and then he fled. >> usually, it is really safe here so it is surprising to see something like that happen. there is always some types of people that you have to watch out for. >> police say library employees have seen the man there before. he is described as appear african-american man between 5' 7" and 5' 10". he has a shaved bald head, a gap in his front tooth and a diagonal scar on his forehead. >>> police in fairfax county are stepping up their search and asking for your help in catching a serial fondler. he is described as hispanic, medium build with black hair and wearing a red cap. so far, nine women have reported attack business a man matching that description. the latest case happened last thursday in the 6000 block of hibling avenue in springfield. anyone with information shoul
to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, jersey republicans in a poll approve christie 9-1 margin. how good policy makes pretty good politics. with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. >>> we're back. it's a resume no one can hold a candle to, drafter of the declaration of independence, founder of th
-max hybrid. >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, republicans approve 9-1, again how good policy makes pretty good politics. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] o
was west point founded? >> guest: 1802. i think historians still argue about what thomas jefferson was really after when the school was founded. but no one disagrees the school is institutionally weak, unclear what the purpose of the institution is. there's not very systemized instruction. cadets are older, some younger, and to this day he is called the father of west point because he puts it on sounder foundation and and that's the army that will produce the armies of the civil war and where all these -- most of the war generals get their initial professional experience. >> host: well, professor, the title is, west pointers and the civil war. who are some of the west pointer who we have heard of that were generals in the civil war, both sides. >> guest: generally most of the famous ones. sherman, grant, lee, hood, all -- about -- to give you a harder number, there are some -- there are few famous nonwest pointers, wade hampton, stonewall jackson is a west pointer, two-thirds of major generals involved, are veterans at least of the regular army, and the regular army really is domin
who wrote the declaration of independence but thomas jefferson was also an expert politician who knew exactly how to get things done, exactly in a partisan political environment. sound familiar? what lessons want we learn from him? joining us now, author of a new fantastic book called "thomas jefferson, the art of power." john meachem joins us live. >> you talk about how thomas jefferson, as he gets up first thing ing, as many people are now, he had a ritual he would plunge his feet into a base son of cold quarter. >> it is. there's a groove on the floor where the bowl was brought in. but he lived to be 84 so it's a pretty good policy. >> maybe i need a bucket. thomas jefferson was a guy who loved politics. he loved to design stuff, he was a big thinker, he kept great details but at the end of the day he was a guy who could bring two sides together. north, south, come on, let's wind up in the middle. >> he had endless appetite for art, for wine, for women, for architectural books and also power. he was born to it in virginia. the eldest son in an important family. i learned from a ver
before 9:00 tuesday night as the staff was preparing to close the thomas jefferson library for the day. melanie alnwick is live in falls church with the latest on the search for us. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of last places that you would expect that someone would be assaulted and it appears the staff is actually familiar with the suspect. as you said, it was just before 9:00 tuesday evening. the staff was getting ready to close thomas jefferson library for the night. they heard a girl scream. it was a 17-year-old student in the woman's bathroom. she said she had been touched and pushed by a man who followed her in there. she said she noticed the guy staring at her. when she got up to leave, she noticed the man follow her. >> this person followed her into the bathroom. he then grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she screamed and then he fled. >> usually, it is really safe here so it was surprising to see that happen. there are some types of people that you do have to watch out for. >> reporter: library staff told fairfax county police they had seep the man
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the nation in the founding era. the top people obviously would be thomas jefferson, john adams, washington, hamilton. those would probably be the top four. c-span: what were their relationships with women? >> guest: well, jefferson is probably the one whose relationships with women are--his are most thoroughly documented. he had a--his wife died when he was young, and he had very close relationships with his daughters, with whom he exchanged a voluminous correspondence, which is now all published. and he had a great interest in their well-being and that their education, that they married well and so on. so yeah, he's certainly someone who deserves a--you know, whose writing on this is--has--is one of the most important sources. c-span: one of the things i noted is you mentioned abigail adams, john adams' wife. and i wanted to ask you what's in the famous 'remember the ladies' to her husband--letter or what was that? >> guest: letter, yes. c-span: and why did you use that here? >> guest: well, this is a letter where she writes to john adams right at the moment of the declaration of ince. an
, when thomas jefferson beat john adams. the mudslinging in that campaign... >> mccullough: brutal. >> safer: ...makes today's look quite tame. >> mccullough: well, jefferson was paying a slander specialist, a journalist, to go after adams, writing that he was mentally unbalanced, he was a hermaphrodite, all these things. >> safer: a hermaphrodite. >> mccullough: and... yeah. >> safer: the adams camp fired back, saying if jefferson were elected, murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest would sweep the land. a gentler time? hardly. >> mccullough: it was rough and tough. when adams was vice president, presiding over the house of representatives, they went at each other on the floor with fire tongs. they grabbed the fire tongs off and come hammering each other. imagine how that would look on the nightly news. >> safer: in the long history of this country, who was the greatest president? >> mccullough: george washington was our greatest president in that he set the standard. he had no example to go by. if he had been a fool or a self- indulgent, lazy glory-hound, it could've been dis
... >> walter staib: thomas jefferson served it often. >> safer: ...washington's west indies pepper pot soup, supposedly fed to the troops at valley forge. fried tofu, first introduced here by that early hippie, ben franklin. >> mccullough: whoa! >> safer: mccullough's favorite, homemade sausage and sauerkraut. i think i've hit my limit here. and finally, martha washington's orange cake. >> mccullough: you understand those other times by being in the buildings, walking the streets, hearing the music, and eating the food. >> safer: it's a walk of just a few short blocks from the city tavern to the most revered site in philadelphia, the old pennsylvania colonial statehouse, independence hall, where, in july 1776, the colonies, already at war with britain, voted on making the final break. can you give me a sense of the atmosphere in this room on that day in 1776? >> mccullough: the atmosphere is tense. and it's exciting. it was very, very hot. it was summertime in philadelphia. flies biting through their silk stockings. this is on july 2, not on july 4. nothing really happened on july 4. that w
on our show talking about thomas jefferson who's so hot right now that there's not one but two books about him. i'm sure there's two books coming along soon. but where jon meacham's book is getting raves, another is getting mixed reviews. it's been called brilliant and a train wreck. "m "master of the mountain condition thomas jefferson and his slaves." he suddenly stopped fighting against slavery. wiencek said he wavered when he realized how valuable it was. joining us now henry henry win sec. he fought for many years but changed when he realized the financial gain that he had for having slaves borning s born o property. >> he did lielz but in his younger years he thought of slavery purely in terms of a slave's labor. but in the 1780s and especially in the 1790s he began to realize that the slaves themselves were capital assets and he began to count the birth rate very carefully, and that really began to change his thinking about how slaves were valuable. >> then he moved away from being an abolitionist. how did sally hemming change r shape his feelings about slavery? >> well, that
, and a lot to do. in fact on my way into the studio this more than i was remembering thomas jefferson's words when hi was inaugurated, we're all federalists, we're all democrats, or all republicans, and he was speaking to this moment when there was such division in the country, and this is why history can be so instructive. he was peeking to this moment in 1801 when they had just come through a very, very mean and controversial election that was decided in the house of representatives, and he wanted to speak to this idea that we were all americans again, and certainly that's kind of the way i wish we would feel after the storm and the aftermath of that. so, we can learn from these moments. americans are very good at coming together. doesn't feel that way right now. in the midst of this election but we also have this extraordinary moment where we had a crisis and a moment of division butting heads against each other, and i'm hopeful that we can learn from our history and see that americans do respond to a crisis like this. >> host: as kenneth davis alluded to, the reason he is in new york and
beer three, it's three. 1796 john adams became our second president with a narrow win over thomas jefferson. adams served two terms before jefferson became the third president. after the break, the two closest races. the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit. ask for transitions adaptive lenses. check with your employer to see if your vision plan covers transitions brand lenses. and discover the benefits of adaptive lenses. george w. bush and al gore. president. lice george w. bush and al gore. president. qu, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male ann
, the latest tone out of washington is encouraging. "as thomas jefferson said, and this is a quote, 'we should not put off tomorrow what we can do today.'" "the only balanced approach is one that includes real and lasting reforms, so republicans have stepped out of our comfort zone." in the latest manueverings, the obama administration points out the typical american household will pay $2,200 in additional taxes next year, which could hurt consumer spending by $200 billion in 2013 and threaten christmas shopping this season. house speaker john boehner and a few other key republicans appear willing to consider tax hikes. billionaire warren buffett chimes in that tax hikes won't stop the wealthy from investing. in our cover story, the woman who led the securities and exchange commission after the 2008 financial crisis is stepping down. mary schapiro took over an agency under fire for ignoring repeated warnings about the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. in 2008, the regulatory sec was itself under scrutiny, critized for failing to anticipate the lehman brothers bankruptcy, which sent financial markets
? >> reporter: not even thomas jefferson escapes unscathed. >> he's a rich white snob. paying taxes to the brits. >> i've always been of the opinion that maybe crime movies are about capitalism. >> reporter: that's andrew dominik. the director. he stopped by with another one of the film's stars, ray liotta. >> it's the genre where everyone is chasing the buck. it's generally about the idea of getting rich quick. and i saw parallels between that and what was going on with the bailout, at the time, and it just seemed like kind of too good to ignore. >> america's not a country. it's just a business. >> reporter: politics aside, those hoping for good old-fashioned mob movie violence will not be disappointed. and that's where ray liotta of "goodfellas" fame comes in. he's used to dishing it out. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: but this time, he's on the receiving end. >> and it was a whole different thing, to take the beating and, really hard, and i wanted to do it all myself. i didn't want a stunt guy to do it. because i thought it was important to show real fear. no, no, no. >> action! >> repor
de asaltarla en el baÑo de esta biblioteca thomas jefferson en la ruta 50... "vio a este sospechoso anteriormente, andando cerca de ella, asi que en vez de caminar directamente a la salida, ella entro bien rapido al bano para que el se pueda ir, el no se fue, el la siguie dentro del bano" la joven le dijo que salga del baÑo, pero no dio resultado... hombre comenzo a atacarla, ambos forcejearon y luego se dio a la biblioteca estaba a punto de cerrar cuando el incidente ocurrio el martes cerca de las nueve de la noche.. quesegun la policia de fairfax, empleados de la biblioteca reconocieron al hombre, quien habia visitado la biblioteca varias ocaciones... teresa visita la misma biblioteca con sus hijas... "un lugar publico donde hay muchas personas, siempre esa libreria siempre esta llena, siempre, bastante gente y seguido la visito con mis ninas y eso es feo que no haya seguridad" la policia dice que las bibliotecas son seguras en el condado y que este asalto es un caso al parecer aislado... y que estan revisando las camaras de vigilancia para identificar al sospechoso.. .
be considering. uva, thomas jefferson, what have they done to you? syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. duke, a school that worships the devil. >> the blue devil at that. >> they deserve it. i hate duke. we're back. i6 >>> in the mailbag tonight, the david petraeus scandal, as we now know the sex capades may go far beyond the general. frankly the whole thing has descended from national security fiasco to plain old soap opera. karen from alexandria writes this is the pentagon after all. who knew post 9/11 military worship would spawn a culture of general groupies. i have to wonder if there was a national security risk as a result of the distraction. this continuing drama may have made the best case for defense cuts. well, maybe. but maybe not, karen. i think however this is surely more evidence of america's schizophrenic nations about sex. we utilize hot sex with young beautiful people in our entertainment and advertising but claim to value old- fashioned virtues like month nothing gappy and -- monogamy and self-discipline. perhaps it's hard to have both. then there's this. topper keeps
? >> reporter: the thomas jefferson library here on arlington boulevard is closed at this hour. but you can imagine the commotion when the screams of a teenager echoed through that hushed room. >>> the usual library ruled to stay quiet was broken just before closing last night. screams coming from the ladiela room let police know something was wrong. >> within seconds, he followed her. so she yelled at him, you know, to get out and that sort of thing. and then he touched her and assaulted her. >> reporter: the girl kicked him as she screamed for help and he took off. >> very scary. and i'm very, very concerned about it. i'm really scared about it. sometimes i live my entire inside and come to the car outside. >> police describe the suspect as black with a medium complex, 5'7"-5'10", 160-180 pounds with a shaved head, a diagonal on his teeth and khaki pants and carrying a brown or tan, soft, leather briefcase. >> library staff told detectives that they do recall this individual and they had seen him, but they're not aware of any incidents or assaults like this or any type of violent behavior
libreria thomas jefferson.. la menor de 17 anos dijo que se encontraba estudiando y que sintio que un hombre la observaba y seguia... el sospechoso es de piel triguena, de entre 5-pies a 7-pulgadas a 5 -10 de estatura, y un peso de 160 a 180-libras... cabeza rapada, ojos marrones y dientes frontales separados... cualquier informacion ... el congreso reacciono hoy a las declaraciones del presidente barack obama de que presentara un proyecto de reforma migratoria poco despues de iniciar su segundo periodo presidencial en enero ... es posible una reforma migratoria?... fernando pizarro, nos amplia.. rep. albio sires (d-nueva jersey) raul ruiz, congresista electo (d-california) rep. grace napolitano (d- california) rep. luis gutierrez (d- illinois) frank sharry, america's voice fernando pizarro, washington d.c. *+ las declaraciones del presidente obama de que impulsara 1 reforma migratoria a principios de su segundo periodo, no dejaron indiferentes a los miembros del congreso. algunos opinan que los votantes latinos no tendran mucha paciencia si no hay accion. rep. albio sires (d-nueva je
change your setting. >> reporter: thomas jefferson high school senior created the site with a tj alum the project had so much promise that microsoft was interested and gotanother teen from spring brook high school in maryland to develop the mobile app. the all student project is really taking off. >> classes are loaded in. you can either adthem on the website or in the app. >> every student has fear aboutasking the one question that seems so straightforward and you don't get it and don't want to be the one who doesn't get it. so, everyone has the fear and having an app like this that abol ishes the fear is well --abol ishes the fear is welcome ding abolishs the fear is welcoming. >> reporter: he listen to how it went. >> we walked in wanting x dollars and came out over 10 times as much we asked for. >> officials say that hallway is expected to become available sometime early next year. >> microsoft is making it part of the launch for window 8program coming out soon. >>> make headlines this morning, a train collided with a float killing 4 and wounding veterans during a parade. this hap
were thomas jefferson, james madison, and james monroe. let's get a check on that weather system headed this way. bill karins outside on democracy plaza. bill, how bad is it? >> willie, for a small area that was hit the hardest by sandy, it's just going to be a cruel day. we're already watching the winds crank up. even in new york the winds are picking up. we're going to get a winter storm out of this with large waves at coastal areas. the first thing we deal with is the winds. the winds are going to whip the waves up. you can see the storm coming up the coastline. and now the clouds are increasing. even the rain is going to begin to increase in areas along the mid-atlantic. the winds will be the first concern. the wind gusts are already really picking up along the jersey shore all through areas of long island. if we go over to our other weather computer on weather 2, you can see the wind gusts are the highest along the gulf coast and also down along the new england coastline. that's where we're going to see the worst damage from the winds. i think areas of long island could see some wi
but in terms of collective good this is not a great way to run things, is it? [ applause ] >> stephen: thomas jefferson himself said -- [cheers and applause] you know when a plawd for people other than me, it hurts. [ laughter ] crist clinton crist thank you so much for joining me. [cheers and applause] >> stephen: that's it captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh
as closely as thomas jefferson was before he became the president of the united states. so people were looking at him and saying this is not what we want. this is the person that should be president. >> this is the guy we don't want because it is a very close election. as bennett was a very strange election. he led had a lot of enemies. but i guess what you are saying is both of the supporters and the opponent's knew who they were talking about. >> guest: especially when they become ideologically homogenous and to a certain extent they were to read any democrat is good to be different from any federalist. if you're measuring individual leader impact you shouldn't measure the democrat, you should measure against the democrat who would have them there if that democrat hadn't had the job. >> host: even if he were run over by a carriage and killed and some other member of his party would have contested that the of a member is james madison and we should say okay somebody that looked at jefferson we want to baseline jefferson again as what would he have done in his shoes and a likely altern
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